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Bangkok Post: tech

19 กันยายน 2557, 23:00 น.
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Bangkok Post: tech

There are tons of photo editing apps out there and most follow the usual protocol. You take a photo, put it through a vintage filter, get it radically blurred and type in some text. Afterwards, you share it with your friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Camu offers a slightly different experience as it allows you to do some real-time editing before you even take a photo. When you point the camera at something, you can swipe left and right for different filters, or swipe up and down to alter the filter's strength. Flexibility and convenience is the key with Camu as filters, as well as depth-of-field, can be changed either before or after you take your shots. This way you get to see how the final photos will look like even before taking them.

Camu is also very selfie-friendly, meaning you can leave your selfie stick and remote control behind once you have this app. Camu snaps a photo automatically once there is no movement in the scene. This way, you can take your time and just hold still to get your selfies snapped. Just keep moving around if you are not ready to have your photos taken.

But if you prefer to have different shots in one photo, Camu's collage feature is quite impressive. Even though you can only mix two photos together, there is still flexibility as you can choose where you want to set the dividing line (although it can only pass through the centre). You can also choose the size of the line, or you can get rid of the line altogether and fuse the two photos in a photoshop-like dissolved transition. Much like with the filter, this double and split collage feature can be done in real-time.



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