Asian shares slip ahead of Fed decision

16 กันยายน 2557, 11:31 น.

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Asian shares slip ahead of Fed decision

Asian shares slip ahead of Fed decision

The US central bank might adjust its timing for raising benchmark interest rates, as critics say its nearly six-year-old zero rate policy is feeding asset bubbles and possibly inflation.

The Fed has previously said it would keep interest rates low for a "considerable time" after ending its massive stimulus programme, based on continued weakness in the labour market.

A rate increase could hurt Asian markets by making them vulnerable to a selloff, as the incentive for investors to seek higher yields in regional markets is reduced.

Shanghai sank 1.82%, or 42.59 points, to 2,296.55 and Hong Kong, which opened only for the afternoon session due to a typhoon, fell 0.91%, or 220.98 points, to end at 24,136.01.

Singapore closed down 1.2%, or 39.85 points, to 3,272.62, Jakarta ended down 0.28%, or 14.40 points, at 5,130.50 and Taipei fell 0.91%, or 84.06 points, to 9,133.4.